Target General Infomation
Target ID
T57278 (Former ID: TTDR01214)
Target Name
Ephrin type-A receptor 2 (EPHA2)
Tyrosine-protein kinase receptor ECK; Epithelial cell kinase; EphA2receptor; ECK
Gene Name
Target Type
Clinical trial target
Disease [+] 2 Target-related Diseases +
1 Brain cancer [ICD-11: 2A00]
2 Solid tumour/cancer [ICD-11: 2A00-2F9Z]
The signaling pathway downstream of the receptor is referred to as forward signaling while the signaling pathway downstream of the ephrin ligand is referred to as reverse signaling. Activated by the ligand ephrin-A1/EFNA1 regulates migration, integrin-mediated adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of cells. Regulates cell adhesion and differentiation through DSG1/desmoglein-1 and inhibition of the ERK1/ERK2 (MAPK3/MAPK1, respectively) signaling pathway. May also participate in UV radiation-induced apoptosis and have a ligand-independent stimulatory effect on chemotactic cell migration. During development, may function in distinctive aspects of pattern formation and subsequently in development of several fetal tissues. Involved for instance in angiogenesis, in early hindbrain development and epithelial proliferation and branching morphogenesis during mammary gland development. Engaged by the ligand ephrin-A5/EFNA5 may regulate lens fiber cells shape and interactions and be important for lens transparency development and maintenance. With ephrin-A2/EFNA2 may play a role in bone remodeling through regulation of osteoclastogenesis and osteoblastogenesis. Receptor tyrosine kinase which binds promiscuously membrane-bound ephrin-A family ligands residing on adjacent cells, leading to contact-dependent bidirectional signaling into neighboring cells.
BioChemical Class
UniProt ID
EC Number
Drugs and Modes of Action
Clinical Trial Drug(s) [+] 3 Clinical Trial Drugs +
1 CAR-T cells targeting EphA2 Drug Info Phase 1/2 Malignant glioma [1]
2 DS-8895 Drug Info Phase 1 Solid tumour/cancer [2]
3 MEDI-547 Drug Info Phase 1 Solid tumour/cancer [3]
Preclinical Drug(s) [+] 1 Preclinical Drugs +
1 MEDI-543 Drug Info Preclinical Solid tumour/cancer [4]
Mode of Action [+] 3 Modes of Action +
CAR-T-Cell-Therapy [+] 1 CAR-T-Cell-Therapy drugs +
1 CAR-T cells targeting EphA2 Drug Info [1]
Inhibitor [+] 4 Inhibitor drugs +
1 AMP-PNP Drug Info [9]
2 PMID19788238C66 Drug Info [10]
3 PMID21561767C8h Drug Info [11]
4 PMID23489211C20 Drug Info [12]
Modulator [+] 1 Modulator drugs +
1 EphA2-targeting BiTE molecules Drug Info [7]
Target Regulators
Target-regulating microRNAs
Target-interacting Proteins
Target Affiliated Biological Pathways
KEGG Pathway [+] 4 KEGG Pathways +
1 Ras signaling pathway
2 Rap1 signaling pathway
3 PI3K-Akt signaling pathway
4 Axon guidance
NetPath Pathway [+] 1 NetPath Pathways +
1 TGF_beta_Receptor Signaling Pathway
PID Pathway [+] 6 PID Pathways +
1 EphrinA-EPHA pathway
2 Arf6 signaling events
3 Direct p53 effectors
4 EPHA forward signaling
5 Stabilization and expansion of the E-cadherin adherens junction
6 EPHA2 forward signaling
Reactome [+] 3 Reactome Pathways +
1 EPH-Ephrin signaling
2 EPHA-mediated growth cone collapse
3 EPH-ephrin mediated repulsion of cells
WikiPathways [+] 1 WikiPathways +
1 NRF2 pathway
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