Target General Infomation
Target ID
T95371 (Former ID: TTDNC00373)
Target Name
Interferon alpha/beta receptor 1 (IFNAR1)
Type I interferon receptor 1; IFNalpha/beta receptor 1; IFNR1; IFNAR; IFN-alpha/beta receptor 1; IFN-R-1; Cytokine receptor family 2 member 1; Cytokine receptor classII member 1; Cytokine receptor class-II member 1; CRF21; CRF2-1
Gene Name
Target Type
Clinical trial target
Disease [+] 2 Target-related Diseases +
1 Hepatitis virus infection [ICD-11: 1E50-1E51]
2 Ovarian cancer [ICD-11: 2C73]
Functions in general as heterodimer with IFNAR2. Type I interferon binding activates the JAK-STAT signaling cascade, and triggers tyrosine phosphorylation of a number of proteins including JAKs, TYK2, STAT proteins and the IFNR alpha- and beta-subunits themselves. Can form an active IFNB1 receptor by itself and activate a signaling cascade that does not involve activation of the JAK-STAT pathway. Component of the receptor for type I interferons, including interferons alpha, IFNB1 and IFNW1.
BioChemical Class
Cytokine receptor
UniProt ID
Drugs and Modes of Action
Clinical Trial Drug(s) [+] 5 Clinical Trial Drugs +
1 EMZ701 Drug Info Phase 2 Hepatitis B virus infection [2]
2 MEDI-546 Drug Info Phase 2 Ovarian cancer [3], [4]
3 R-IFN-1a Drug Info Phase 2 Hepatitis C virus infection [5]
4 Zadaxin/lamivudine Drug Info Phase 2 Hepatitis B virus infection [6]
5 Belerofon Drug Info Phase 1 Hepatitis C virus infection [7]
Discontinued Drug(s) [+] 2 Discontinued Drugs +
1 Omega interferon Drug Info Discontinued in Phase 2 Hepatitis C virus infection [8]
2 BLX-883 Drug Info Discontinued in Phase 1 Hepatitis C virus infection [9]
Mode of Action [+] 1 Modes of Action +
Modulator [+] 8 Modulator drugs +
1 EMZ701 Drug Info [1]
2 MEDI-546 Drug Info [4]
3 R-IFN-1a Drug Info [10]
4 Zadaxin/lamivudine Drug Info [11]
5 Belerofon Drug Info [12]
6 Omega interferon Drug Info [13]
7 BLX-883 Drug Info [14]
8 Ceplene/Peg-Intron/Rebetol Drug Info [15]
Target Regulators
Target-regulating microRNAs
Target-interacting Proteins
Target Affiliated Biological Pathways
KEGG Pathway [+] 11 KEGG Pathways +
1 Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction
2 PI3K-Akt signaling pathway
3 Osteoclast differentiation
4 Toll-like receptor signaling pathway
5 Jak-STAT signaling pathway
6 Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity
7 Hepatitis C
8 Hepatitis B
9 Measles
10 Influenza A
11 Herpes simplex infection
NetPath Pathway [+] 2 NetPath Pathways +
1 TCR Signaling Pathway
2 Leptin Signaling Pathway
Panther Pathway [+] 1 Panther Pathways +
1 Inflammation mediated by chemokine and cytokine signaling pathway
PID Pathway [+] 2 PID Pathways +
1 Downstream signaling in na&#xef
Reactome [+] 2 Reactome Pathways +
1 Interferon alpha/beta signaling
2 Regulation of IFNA signaling
WikiPathways [+] 5 WikiPathways +
1 Toll-like receptor signaling pathway
2 Interferon type I signaling pathways
3 Interferon alpha/beta signaling
4 Regulation of toll-like receptor signaling pathway
5 Osteoclast Signaling
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