Target General Infomation
Target ID
Former ID
Target Name
D(1B) dopamine receptor
Gene Name
D(5) dopamine receptor; D(5)D(1B) dopamine receptor dopamine receptor; D1beta dopamine receptor; Dopamine receptor 5; DRD5
Target Type
Disease Allergy [ICD9: 995.3; ICD10: T78.4]
Schizophrenia [ICD9: 295; ICD10: F20]
Solid tumours [ICD9: 140-199, 210-229; ICD10: C00-D48]
Dopamine receptor whose activity is mediated by G proteins which activate adenylyl cyclase.
BioChemical Class
GPCR rhodopsin
Target Validation
UniProt ID
Drugs and Mode of Action
Drug(s) Phenyltoloxamine Drug Info Approved Allergy [551871]
DS-8273 Drug Info Phase 1 Solid tumours [524661]
LE-300 Drug Info Preclinical Schizophrenia [536463]
GMC-283 Drug Info Terminated Schizophrenia [536463]
ZD-3638 Drug Info Terminated Schizophrenia [536463]
Agonist (+)-ADTN Drug Info [529311]
beta-ergocriptine Drug Info [529311]
N-propylnorapomorphine Drug Info [529311]
Inhibitor (+/-)-nantenine Drug Info [530558]
1-(4-(4-phenyl-1-piperazinyl)butyl)indolin-2-one Drug Info [528904]
1-Dibenzo[b,f]oxepin-10-yl-4-methyl-piperazine Drug Info [533570]
1-[2-(2-Benzyl-phenoxy)-ethyl]-piperidine Drug Info [527160]
1-[2-(2-Benzyl-phenoxy)-ethyl]-pyrrolidine Drug Info [527160]
1-[3-(2-Benzyl-phenoxy)-propyl]-pyrrolidine Drug Info [527160]
4-[2-(2-Benzyl-phenoxy)-ethyl]-morpholine Drug Info [527160]
FLUMEZAPINE Drug Info [533515]
FLUTROLINE Drug Info [533512]
ISOCLOZAPINE Drug Info [533570]
ISOLOXAPINE Drug Info [533577]
Phenyltoloxamine Drug Info [527160]
STEPHOLIDINE Drug Info [530374]
Antagonist GMC-283 Drug Info [536463]
LE-300 Drug Info [536463]
SKF-83556 Drug Info [529311]
[125I]SCH23982 Drug Info [543568]
[3H]SCH-23390 Drug Info [533868]
Binder ZD-3638 Drug Info [536463]
Target Expression Profile (TEP) and Drug Resistance Mutation (DRM)
KEGG Pathway Calcium signaling pathway
cAMP signaling pathway
Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction
Dopaminergic synapse
PANTHER Pathway Dopamine receptor mediated signaling pathway
Reactome Dopamine receptors
G alpha (s) signalling events
WikiPathways Monoamine GPCRs
GPCRs, Class A Rhodopsin-like
GPCR ligand binding
GPCR downstream signaling
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