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Y. X. Wang, S. Zhang, F. C. Li, Y. Zhou, Y. Zhang, R. Y. Zhang, J. Zhu, Y. X. Ren, Y. Tan, C. Qin, Y. H. Li, X. X. Li, Y. Z. Chen* and F. Zhu*. Therapeutic Target Database 2020: enriched resource for facilitating research and early development of targeted therapeutics. Nucleic Acids Research. 48(D1): D1031-D1041 (2020). PubMed ID: 31691823

Statistics of Therapeutic Target Database (TTD) Update 2020
  • 5,059 Patented Drugs (collected from 3,145 patents of WIPO, USA, Europe, Japan, etc.) targeting 215 successful, 236 clinical trial and 207 patent-recorded targets (with the structures of 4,774 patented drugs drawn and provided in .mol files, and with the target activities of 3,388 patented drugs collected from literatures)
  • 587 microRNAs regulating 179 successful, 298 clinical trial, 62 patent-recorded and 330 literature-reported targets revealed by 38 types of experiment
  • 135 Transcription Factors regulating 55 successful, 61 clinical trial, 6 patent-recorded and 31 literature-reported targets uncovered by 15 types of experiment
  • 2,458 Interacting Proteins of 139 successful, 276 clinical trial, 86 patent-recorded and 398 literature-reported targets validated by 15 types of experiment
  • 2 New Types of Target: 52 CAR-T Targets aimed by 357 clinical trial CAR-T therapies for treating 92 diseases, and 207 Patent-recorded Targets of 5,059 patented drugs
  • 1 New Class of Drugs: 160 small molecular drugs and 21 peptidomimetic compounds inhibiting PD-1, PD-L1 or their interaction
  • 163 Additional Targets: 16 successful, 70 clinical trial and 77 literature-reported targets, together with 105 approved, 1,362 clinical trial and 1,120 experimental drugs
  • the latest version of the International Classification of Diseases code (ICD-11) for 461 successful, 1,191 clinical trial, 39 patent and 135 research targets against 1,136 disease classes.

Statistics details of TTD Update 2020

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June 1st , 2020

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