Biomarker General Infomation
Biomarker ID
Biomarker Name
C-X-C motif chemokine 9 (CXCL9)
Disease Dengue
ICD Code ICD-11: 1D20-1D2Z ; ICD-10: A90, R50
Biomarker Type Differentiation
Molecular Type Protein
Biomarker Location serum
Biomarker Measure Higher
Conclusion The concentrations of CXCL9, IP-10, CXCL11, IL-8, IL-10, and CCL2 in serum were significantly higher in the groups of DENV-infected patients during the first two weeks than those of control group while CCL17 and CXCL5 showed lower expression level in the patients.
UniProt ID
REF 1 Serum Cytokine Profiles in Patients with Dengue Fever at the Acute Infection Phase. Dis Markers. 2018 Jan 30;2018:8403937.

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