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PRT-062070; Syk + JAK multikinase inhibitor (NHL/CLL/RA), Portola Pharmaceuticals
Indication Non-hodgkin's lymphoma [ICD10:C85] Phase 1/2 [551978]
Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc; portola pharmaceuticals


Target and Pathway
Target(s) Tyrosine-protein kinase JAK2 Target Info Modulator
Tyrosine-protein kinase SYK Target Info Modulator
KEGG Pathway Chemokine signaling pathway
PI3K-Akt signaling pathway
Signaling pathways regulating pluripotency of stem cells
Jak-STAT signaling pathway
Cholinergic synapse
Prolactin signaling pathway
Adipocytokine signaling pathway
Influenza A
Herpes simplex infectionhsa04064:NF-kappa B signaling pathway
Osteoclast differentiation
Platelet activation
Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity
B cell receptor signaling pathway
Fc epsilon RI signaling pathway
Fc gamma R-mediated phagocytosis
Epstein-Barr virus infection
Viral carcinogenesis
PANTHER Pathway Inflammation mediated by chemokine and cytokine signaling pathway
Interferon-gamma signaling pathway
JAK/STAT signaling pathway
PDGF signaling pathway
PI3 kinase pathway
CCKR signaling map STP00010:B cell activation
Pathway Interaction Database Endothelins
ErbB4 signaling events
GMCSF-mediated signaling events
IL4-mediated signaling events
IL27-mediated signaling events
Signaling events mediated by PTP1B
IL12-mediated signaling events
S1P3 pathway
SHP2 signaling
CXCR4-mediated signaling events
IL5-mediated signaling events
IFN-gamma pathway
ErbB2/ErbB3 signaling events
IL3-mediated signaling events
IL6-mediated signaling events
PDGFR-beta signaling pathway
IL23-mediated signaling events
Signaling events mediated by Stem cell factor receptor (c-Kit)
EPO signaling pathway
Notch-mediated HES/HEY networkfcer1pathway:Fc-epsilon receptor I signaling in mast cells
BCR signaling pathway
Atypical NF-kappaB pathway
Osteopontin-mediated events
FAS (CD95) signaling pathway
Thromboxane A2 receptor signaling
IL2-mediated signaling events
Class I PI3K signaling events
Alpha-synuclein signaling
PathWhiz Pathway Fc Epsilon Receptor I Signaling in Mast Cells
Reactome Interleukin-6 signaling
MAPK3 (ERK1) activation
MAPK1 (ERK2) activation
GPVI-mediated activation cascade
Prolactin receptor signaling
RMTs methylate histone arginines
G beta:gamma signalling through PI3Kgamma
Interleukin-3, 5 and GM-CSF signaling
RAF activation
RAF/MAP kinase cascade
Interferon gamma signaling
Regulation of IFNG signaling
Interleukin receptor SHC signaling
Growth hormone receptor signaling
Factors involved in megakaryocyte development and platelet productionR-HSA-114604:GPVI-mediated activation cascade
FCGR activation
Regulation of actin dynamics for phagocytic cup formation
Role of phospholipids in phagocytosis
DAP12 signaling
Fc epsilon receptor (FCERI) signaling
Role of LAT2/NTAL/LAB on calcium mobilization
FCERI mediated MAPK activation
FCERI mediated Ca+2 mobilization
Integrin alphaIIb beta3 signaling
Interleukin-2 signaling
CLEC7A (Dectin-1) signaling
Dectin-2 family
Regulation of signaling by CBL
Antigen activates B Cell Receptor (BCR) leading to generation of second messengers
WikiPathways Serotonin Receptor 2 and STAT3 Signaling
Type II interferon signaling (IFNG)
Notch Signaling Pathway
EPO Receptor Signaling
EGF/EGFR Signaling Pathway
IL-4 Signaling Pathway
IL-6 signaling pathway
Kit receptor signaling pathway
IL-3 Signaling Pathway
Mesodermal Commitment Pathway
Interleukin-2 signaling
Signaling by SCF-KIT
Prolactin receptor signaling
Growth hormone receptor signaling
BDNF signaling pathway
Oncostatin M Signaling Pathway
Interleukin-11 Signaling Pathway
AGE/RAGE pathway
TSLP Signaling Pathway
IL17 signaling pathway
Leptin signaling pathway
TSH signaling pathway
Interleukin-3, 5 and GM-CSF signaling
Interferon gamma signaling
Factors involved in megakaryocyte development and platelet production
IL-5 Signaling PathwayWP49:IL-2 Signaling Pathway
Fc epsilon receptor (FCERI) signaling
Signaling by the B Cell Receptor (BCR)
Fcgamma receptor (FCGR) dependent phagocytosis
DAP12 interactions
B Cell Receptor Signaling Pathway
RANKL/RANK Signaling Pathway
Integrin alphaIIb beta3 signaling
GPVI-mediated activation cascade
Regulation of toll-like receptor signaling pathway
IL-5 Signaling Pathway
Ref 551978Clinical pipeline report, company report or official report of Portola.

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