Target General Information
Target ID T28484
Target Name Kinesin-like protein KIF11
Synonyms Eg5; Kinesin-like protein 1; Kinesin-like spindle protein HKSP; Kinesin-related motor protein Eg5; TRIP5; Thyroid receptor interacting protein 5; KIF11
Target Type Clinical Trial
Gene Name KIF11
Biochemical Class Kinesin-like protein family
Target Gene Expression Profiles in the Disease-Relevant Drug Targeted Tissue of the Patients and Healthy Individuals
Disease Acute myelocytic leukemia
Example drug LY2523355 Phase 2 [523589], [1572592]
Tissue Bone marrow
Level of differential expression between the patients in the disease section of the tissue and the tissues of healthy individual Fold-change: -1.17
Z-score: -1.31
P-value: 5.72E-26
Target gene expression profiles of the patients in the disease section of the tissue
Target gene expression profiles in the tissue of healthy individual
Target Gene Expression Profiles in Other Tissues of Healthy Individuals
Ref (NCT01416389) A Study of LY2523355 in Patients With Breast Cancer. U.S. National Institutes of Health.
Ref 1572592NCBI GEO: archive for functional genomics data sets--update.

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