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Small molecular drug
Indication Discovery agent Investigative [527851]


Canonical SMILES
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Target and Pathway
Target(s) Neutrophil collagenase Target Info Inhibitor [525642]
Carbonic anhydrase IX Target Info Inhibitor [528653]
MMP-9 Target Info Inhibitor [525533]
Matrilysin Target Info Inhibitor [528548]
Interstitial collagenase Target Info Inhibitor [527922]
ADAMTS-4 Target Info Inhibitor [527851]
72 kDa type IV collagenase Target Info Inhibitor [525533]
Matrix metalloproteinase-14 Target Info Inhibitor [528548]
Carbonic anhydrase II Target Info Inhibitor [528653]
Collagenase 3 Target Info Inhibitor [526039]
Lethal factor Target Info Inhibitor [527922]
Stromelysin-1 Target Info Inhibitor [535550]
KEGG Pathway Nitrogen metabolismhsa04668:TNF signaling pathway
Leukocyte transendothelial migration
Estrogen signaling pathway
Hepatitis B
Pathways in cancer
Transcriptional misregulation in cancer
Proteoglycans in cancer
MicroRNAs in cancer
Bladder cancerhsa04310:Wnt signaling pathwayhsa03320:PPAR signaling pathway
Bladder cancer
Rheumatoid arthritishsa04670:Leukocyte transendothelial migration
GnRH signaling pathway
Bladder cancerhsa04668:TNF signaling pathway
GnRH signaling pathwayhsa00910:Nitrogen metabolism
Proximal tubule bicarbonate reclamation
Collecting duct acid secretion
Gastric acid secretion
Pancreatic secretion
Bile secretionhsa04668:TNF signaling pathway
Rheumatoid arthritis
NetPath Pathway ID Signaling Pathway
TWEAK Signaling Pathway
Leptin Signaling Pathway
TNFalpha Signaling PathwayNetPath_8:Wnt Signaling PathwayNetPath_13:IL1 Signaling Pathway
EGFR1 Signaling Pathway
Wnt Signaling PathwayNetPath_22:Leptin Signaling Pathway
TCR Signaling Pathway
ID Signaling PathwayNetPath_16:IL4 Signaling Pathway
EGFR1 Signaling PathwayNetPath_13:IL1 Signaling PathwayNetPath_13:IL1 Signaling Pathway
IL4 Signaling Pathway
PANTHER Pathway Alzheimer disease-presenilin pathwayP00004:Alzheimer disease-presenilin pathway
Plasminogen activating cascade
CCKR signaling map STP00004:Alzheimer disease-presenilin pathway
Wnt signaling pathway
Plasminogen activating cascadeP00004:Alzheimer disease-presenilin pathwayP00004:Alzheimer disease-presenilin pathwayP00004:Alzheimer disease-presenilin pathway
Plasminogen activating cascadeP00050:Plasminogen activating cascade
CCKR signaling map ST
Pathway Interaction Database HIF-1-alpha transcription factor networklysophospholipid_pathway:LPA receptor mediated events
Plasma membrane estrogen receptor signaling
Osteopontin-mediated events
Validated transcriptional targets of AP1 family members Fra1 and Fra2
Validated targets of C-MYC transcriptional activation
CXCR4-mediated signaling events
amb2 Integrin signaling
Syndecan-4-mediated signaling events
AP-1 transcription factor network
Urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) and uPAR-mediated signaling
Syndecan-1-mediated signaling events
Regulation of nuclear beta catenin signaling and target gene transcription
FGF signaling pathwayajdiss_2pathway:Posttranslational regulation of adherens junction stability and dissassembly
p75(NTR)-mediated signaling
Syndecan-1-mediated signaling eventsendothelinpathway:Endothelins
Glucocorticoid receptor regulatory network
Syndecan-1-mediated signaling eventslysophospholipid_pathway:LPA receptor mediated events
Angiopoietin receptor Tie2-mediated signaling
Direct p53 effectors
ATF-2 transcription factor network
FOXM1 transcription factor network
Syndecan-2-mediated signaling eventshif2pathway:HIF-2-alpha transcription factor network
Signaling events mediated by focal adhesion kinaseupa_upar_pathway:Urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) and uPAR-mediated signalinganthraxpathway:Cellular roles of Anthrax toxinajdiss_2pathway:Posttranslational regulation of adherens junction stability and dissassembly
Reactome Collagen degradation
Degradation of the extracellular matrix
Activation of Matrix MetalloproteinasesR-HSA-1234158:Regulation of gene expression by Hypoxia-inducible Factor
Reversible hydration of carbon dioxideR-HSA-1442490:Collagen degradation
Activation of Matrix Metalloproteinases
Assembly of collagen fibrils and other multimeric structures
EPH-ephrin mediated repulsion of cellsR-HSA-1442490:Collagen degradation
Assembly of collagen fibrils and other multimeric structuresR-HSA-1442490:Collagen degradation
Basigin interactions
Regulation of Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) transport and uptake by Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Proteins (IGFBPs)R-HSA-1474228:Degradation of the extracellular matrix
O-glycosylation of TSR domain-containing proteinsR-HSA-1442490:Collagen degradation
Regulation of Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) transport and uptake by Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Proteins (IGFBPs)
Activation of Matrix MetalloproteinasesR-HSA-1237044:Erythrocytes take up carbon dioxide and release oxygen
Erythrocytes take up oxygen and release carbon dioxide
Assembly of collagen fibrils and other multimeric structuresR-HSA-5210891:Uptake and function of anthrax toxinsR-HSA-1442490:Collagen degradation
EGFR Transactivation by Gastrin
WikiPathways Activation of Matrix Metalloproteinases
Matrix MetalloproteinasesWP2877:Vitamin D Receptor Pathway
Reversible Hydration of Carbon Dioxide
Regulation of Hypoxia-inducible Factor (HIF) by OxygenWP474:Endochondral Ossification
IL1 and megakaryotyces in obesity
Mammary gland development pathway - Involution (Stage 4 of 4)
Degradation of collagen
Spinal Cord Injury
AGE/RAGE pathway
TWEAK Signaling Pathway
Osteopontin Signaling
Matrix MetalloproteinasesWP399:Wnt Signaling Pathway and Pluripotency
Matrix MetalloproteinasesWP366:TGF beta Signaling Pathway
Bladder Cancer
Quercetin and Nf-kB/ AP-1 Induced Cell Apoptosis
Oncostatin M Signaling Pathway
Prostate Cancer
Integrated Breast Cancer Pathway
Integrated Cancer pathway
Cell surface interactions at the vascular wall
Matrix MetalloproteinasesWP474:Endochondral OssificationWP2769:Activation of Matrix Metalloproteinases
Matrix MetalloproteinasesWP615:Senescence and Autophagy in Cancer
Matrix MetalloproteinasesWP2770:Reversible Hydration of Carbon Dioxide
Uptake of Carbon Dioxide and Release of Oxygen by Erythrocytes
Uptake of Oxygen and Release of Carbon Dioxide by ErythrocytesWP474:Endochondral Ossification
Matrix MetalloproteinasesWP2769:Activation of Matrix Metalloproteinases
Gastrin-CREB signalling pathway via PKC and MAPK
Matrix Metalloproteinases
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