Target General Infomation
Target ID
Former ID
Target Name
Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase, mitochondrial
Gene Name
DHOD; DHODH; DHODase; DHOdehase; Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase ; Dihydroorotate oxidase; Mitochondrially bound dihydroorotate-ubiqui oxidoreductase; PFF0160c
Target Type
Disease Fungal infections [ICD9: 110-118; ICD10: B35-B49]
Malaria [ICD10: B54]
Multiple scierosis; Active rheumatoid arthritis [ICD9:340, 714; ICD10: G35, M05, M06]
Catalyzes the conversion of dihydroorotate to orotate with quinone as electron acceptor.
BioChemical Class
Oxidoreductases acting on CH-CH group of donors
Target Validation
UniProt ID
EC Number
1D3G; 1D3H; 2B0M; 2BXV; 2FPT; 2FPV; 2FPY; 2FQI; 2PRH; 2PRL; 2PRM; 2WV8; 3F1Q; 3FJ6; 3FJL; 3G0U; 3G0X; 3KVJ; 3KVK; 3KVL; 3KVM; 3U2O; 3W7R; 3ZWS; 3ZWT; 4IGH; 4JGD; 4JS3; 4JTS; 4JTT; 4JTU; 4LS0; 4LS1; 4LS2; 4OQV
Drugs and Mode of Action
Drug(s) Artemisinin Drug Info Approved Malaria [536602]
Atovaquone Drug Info Approved Fungal infections [536602]
Leflunomide Drug Info Approved Multiple scierosis; Active rheumatoid arthritis [532210], [536772], [541907]
Inhibitor 1,4-Naphthoquinone Drug Info [534955]
1-hydroxy-2-dodecyl-4(1H)quinolone Drug Info [529879]
2-(2-bromo-2-naphthamido)benzoic acid Drug Info [527807]
2-(2-naphthamido)benzoic acid Drug Info [527807]
2-(3-(3,5-dichlorophenyl)ureido)benzoic acid Drug Info [530724]
2-[(biphenyl-4-carbonyl)-amino]-benzoic acid Drug Info [527807]
3,6,9,12,15-PENTAOXATRICOSAN-1-OL Drug Info [551374]
3-hydroxy-2-phenylquinoline-4-carboxylic acid Drug Info [528605]
5,8-hydroxy-naphthoquinone Drug Info [534955]
5-Fluoro orotate Drug Info [535811]
8-aminoquinolines Drug Info [537905]
A77-1726 (monosodium salt) Drug Info [535028], [538136]
Acetate Ion Drug Info [551393]
Antimycin A Drug Info [537862]
Antiproliferative Agent A771726 Drug Info [551393]
Artemisinin Drug Info [536602]
Atovaquone Drug Info [534955], [534960], [535931], [537905]
B-Octylglucoside Drug Info [551393]
Cinchoninic acid Drug Info [534955]
Cyanide Drug Info [537862]
Decylamine-N,N-Dimethyl-N-Oxide Drug Info [551393]
Dichloroally-lawsone Drug Info [534955]
Dichloroallyl lawsone Drug Info [535540]
Diethyl 2-((biphenyl-3-ylamino)methylene)malonate Drug Info [528617]
Dihydroorotate Drug Info [537699]
DSM1 Drug Info [530805]
DSM2 Drug Info [530805]
Ethyl 3-(biphenyl-3-ylamino)-2-cyanoacrylate Drug Info [528617]
GNF-PF-85 Drug Info [529511]
Isoxazol Drug Info [534955]
Juglon Drug Info [534955]
Lauryl Dimethylamine-N-Oxide Drug Info [551393]
Leflunomide Drug Info [534936], [537837], [538007], [538113]
LY214352 Drug Info [537964]
N-(3,5-dichlorophenyl)-2-methyl-3-nitrobenzamide Drug Info [528617]
N-(4-bromo-2-methylphenyl)-2-naphthamide Drug Info [528617]
N-(Biphenyl-4-yl)-2-cyano-3-hydroxybut-2-enamide Drug Info [530060]
NSC 665564 Drug Info [537969]
Orotate Drug Info [535811]
Orotic acid Drug Info [537699]
Plumbagin Drug Info [534955]
Polyporic acid Drug Info [534955]
Redoxal Drug Info [534956], [535540]
RS-61980 Drug Info [537837]
Salicylhydroxamic acid Drug Info [537862]
Triazine Drug Info [534955]
Target Expression Profile (TEP) and Drug Resistance Mutation (DRM)
KEGG Pathway Pyrimidine metabolism
Metabolic pathways
PathWhiz Pathway Pyrimidine Metabolism
Reactome Pyrimidine biosynthesis
WikiPathways Metabolism of nucleotides
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