Target General Infomation
Target ID
Former ID
Target Name
Cathepsin B
Gene Name
APP secretase; APPS; Cathepsin B1; Cathepsin-B; Cathepsins B; Ctsb; CTSB
Target Type
Disease Asthma [ICD10: J45]
Thiol protease which is believed to participate in intracellular degradation and turnover of proteins. Has also been implicated in tumor invasion and metastasis.
BioChemical Class
Target Validation
UniProt ID
EC Number
Drugs and Mode of Action
Drug(s) MDL-2170 Drug Info Terminated Discovery agent [545554]
Inhibitor (S)-1-benzylcyclopentyl 1-oxohexan-2-ylcarbamate Drug Info [527872]
1-(phenyl(p-tolyl)methylene)thiosemicarbazide Drug Info [529432]
2-Aminoethanimidic Acid Drug Info [551393]
2-Pyridinethiol Drug Info [551391]
3-Amino-4-Oxybenzyl-2-Butanone Drug Info [551393]
3-Methylphenylalanine Drug Info [551393]
Ac-hPhe-Leu-Ala-LeuVSMe Drug Info [528196]
Ac-hPhe-Leu-Phe-LeuVSMe Drug Info [528196]
Bis(3-bromophenyl)(4-hydroxy)thiosemicarbazone Drug Info [531200]
Cbz-Ile-Leu-Ala-LeuVSMe Drug Info [528196]
Cbz-Ile-t-ButylhomoGlu-Ala-LeuVSMe Drug Info [528196]
Diphenylacetic Acid Drug Info [551393]
GNF-PF-5434 Drug Info [529350]
Gold trichloride sodium chloride Drug Info [527220]
L-006235-1 Drug Info [527882]
L-873724 Drug Info [528921]
MDL-2170 Drug Info [530104]
PTosyl-Glu(OtBu)-Ala-LeuVSMe Drug Info [528196]
Z-Ala-Leu-His-Agly-Ile-Val-OMe Drug Info [526417]
Z-Ala-Leu-lle-Agly-Ile-Val-NHBzl Drug Info [526417]
Z-Ala-Leu-lle-Agly-Ile-Val-OMe Drug Info [526417]
Z-Ala-Leu-Nal-Agly-Ile-Val-OMe Drug Info [526417]
Z-Ala-Leu-Phe-Agly-Ile-Val-OMe Drug Info [526417]
Z-Ala-Leu-Tyr(Me)-Agly-Ile-Val-OMe Drug Info [526417]
Z-Arg-Leu-Val-Agly-Ala-Gly-NH2 Drug Info [526417]
Z-Arg-Leu-Val-Agly-Ile-Val-OMe Drug Info [526417]
Z-Arg-Leu-Val-Agly-Ile-Val-Trp-NH2 Drug Info [526417]
Z-Arg-Leu-Val-Agly-Ileu-Val-OMe Drug Info [526417]
Z-Arg-Leu-Val-Agly-Trp-Val-Ala-NH2 Drug Info [526417]
Z-Arg-Leu-Val-Agly-Val-Ala-NH2 Drug Info [526417]
Z-leu-Val-Agly-Val-OBzl Drug Info [526417]
[(3-Bromophenyl)-p-tolyl-ketone]thiosemicarbazone Drug Info [530644]
KEGG Pathway Lysosome
Antigen processing and presentation
NetPath Pathway TCR Signaling Pathway
IL2 Signaling Pathway
Reactome Collagen degradation
Trafficking and processing of endosomal TLR
Assembly of collagen fibrils and other multimeric structures
MHC class II antigen presentation
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