Target General Infomation
Target ID
Former ID
Target Name
Acylcholine acylhydrolase; BuChE; Butyrylcholine esterase; Butyrylcholinesterase; Choline esterase II; Pseudocholinesterase
Target Type
Disease Alzheimer disease [ICD9: 331; ICD10: G30]
Cognitive disorders [ICD9: 290-294, 294.0, 780.09, 780.9, 780.93; ICD10: F01-F07, F04, F05, R41.3]
Neurotoxicity drug-induced [ICD10: T36-T50]
Poison intoxication [ICD10: T36-T50]
Pain [ICD9: 338, 356.0, 356.8,780; ICD10: G64, G90.0, R52, G89]
Spasms; Pain [ICD9: 338,780; ICD10: R52, G89]
Toxicity [ICD10: T36-T50, T51-T65]
Esterasewith broad substrate specificity. Contributes to the inactivation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Can degrade neurotoxic organophosphate esters.
BioChemical Class
Carboxylic ester hydrolase
Target Validation
EC Number
Drugs and Mode of Action
Drug(s) Hexafluronium bromide Drug Info Approved Spasms; Pain [537810], [551871]
MEPTAZINOL Drug Info Approved Pain [551871]
(-)-Phenserine Drug Info Phase 3 Alzheimer disease [532220]
JES-9501 Drug Info Phase 1 Alzheimer disease [525989]
Plasma derived human butyrylcholinesterase Drug Info Phase 1 Neurotoxicity drug-induced [521839]
Protexia Drug Info Phase 1 Alzheimer disease [522424]
Inhibitor (+/-)-huprineY hydrochloride Drug Info [528570]
(-)-DEBROMOFLUSTRAMINE B Drug Info [529633]
(-)-Phenethylcymserine Drug Info [551218]
(-)-Phenserine Drug Info [551218]
(-)-Tolserine Drug Info [551218]
(1'H-Phenothiazin-1'-yl)(piperidin-1-yl)methanone Drug Info [530749]
(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)(m-tolyl)methanone Drug Info [528978]
(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)(o-tolyl)methanone Drug Info [528978]
(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)(p-tolyl)methanone Drug Info [528978]
(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)(phenyl)methanone Drug Info [528978]
(24S)-ethylcholesta-7,9(11),22(E)-triene-3b-ol Drug Info [527846]
(3-bromophenyl)(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)methanone Drug Info [528978]
(4-bromophenyl)(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)methanone Drug Info [528978]
(4-nitrophenyl)(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)methanone Drug Info [528978]
(RS)-tacrine(10)-hupyridone Drug Info [529473]
1,10-bis(pyridinium)-decane dibromide Drug Info [530696]
1,11-bis(pyridinium)-undecane dibromide Drug Info [530696]
1,2-bis(2,3-fluorophenyl)ethane-1,2-dione Drug Info [528766]
1,2-di(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)ethane-1,2-dione Drug Info [528978]
1,2-Di(berberine-9-O-yl)ethane dibromide Drug Info [530920]
1,2-indanedione Drug Info [529103]
1,2-NAPHTHOQUINONE Drug Info [529103]
1,3-Di(berberine-9-O-yl)ethane dibromide Drug Info [530920]
1,4-Di(berberine-9-O-yl)ethane dibromide Drug Info [530920]
1,9-bis(pyridinium)-nonane dibromide Drug Info [530696]
1-(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)-2-phenylbutan-1-one Drug Info [528978]
1-(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)-2-phenylethanone Drug Info [528978]
1-(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)-2-phenylpropan-1-one Drug Info [528978]
1-(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)-3-phenylbutan-1-one Drug Info [528978]
1-(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)-3-phenylpropan-1-one Drug Info [528978]
1-(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)-4-phenylbutan-1-one Drug Info [528978]
1-(3,4-dichlorobenzyl)-1H-indole-2,3-dione Drug Info [528749]
1-methyl-3-(phenylcarbamoyloxy)pyridinium bromide Drug Info [551218]
2,3-dihydropyrrolo[2,1-b]quinazolin-9(1H)-imine Drug Info [528402]
2-(N-Morpholino)-Ethanesulfonic Acid Drug Info [551393]
2-biphenyl-4-yl-1-phenothiazin-10-yl-ethanone Drug Info [528978]
2-methoxyphenyl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
2-Methyl-beta-carboline-2-ium iodide Drug Info [530824]
2-Propyl-beta-carboline-2-ium iodide Drug Info [530824]
24-ethyl-cholest-7-ene-3,5,6-triol Drug Info [527846]
24-ethylcholest-6-ene-3,5-diol Drug Info [527846]
3,4,5,6-Tetrachloro-[1,2]benzoquinone Drug Info [527510]
3-(2-Diethylamino-acetamino)-rutaecarpine Drug Info [530639]
3-(2-Diethylamino-propionamino)-rutaecarpine Drug Info [530639]
3-(2-N-Piperidyl-propionamino)-rutaecarpine Drug Info [530639]
3-(2-N-Pyrrolyl-acetamino)-rutaecarpine Drug Info [530639]
3-(2-N-Pyrrolyl-propionamino)-rutaecarpine Drug Info [530639]
3-(dimethylamino)phenyl phenylcarbamate Drug Info [551218]
3-chlorophenyl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
3-isopr-sal-cyclosal-d4TMP Drug Info [528706]
3-methoxyphenyl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
3-phenyl-cyclosal-d4TMP Drug Info [528706]
3-sal-cyclosal-d4TMP Drug Info [528706]
3-[10-(benzylmethylamino)decyloxy]xanthen-9-one Drug Info [528456]
3-[11-(benzylmethylamino)undecyloxy]xanthen-9-one Drug Info [528456]
3-[12-(benzylmethylamino)dodecyloxy]xanthen-9-one Drug Info [528456]
3-[3-(benzylmethylamino)propoxy]xanthen-9-one Drug Info [528456]
3-[4-(benzylmethylamino)butoxy]xanthen-9-one Drug Info [528456]
3-[5-(benzylmethylamino)pentyloxy]xanthen-9-one Drug Info [528456]
3-[6-(benzylmethylamino)hexyloxy]xanthen-9-one Drug Info [528456]
3-[7-(benzylmethylamino)-heptyloxy]xanthen-9-one Drug Info [528456]
3-[8-(benzylmethylamino)octyloxy]xanthen-9-one Drug Info [528456]
3-[9-(benzylmethylamino)nonyloxy]xanthen-9-one Drug Info [528456]
4-chlorophenyl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
4-methoxyphenyl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
4-[4-(benzyloxy)piperidino]butyl benzoate Drug Info [528979]
4-[4-(benzyloxy)piperidino]butyl-3-chlorobenzoate Drug Info [528979]
4-[4-(benzyloxy)piperidino]butyl-3-fluorobenzoate Drug Info [528979]
4-[4-(benzyloxy)piperidino]butyl-4-chlorobenzoate Drug Info [528979]
4-[4-(benzyloxy)piperidino]butyl-4-fluorobenzoate Drug Info [528979]
4-[4-(benzyloxy)piperidino]butyl-4-nitrobenzoate Drug Info [528979]
5,6-dinitroacenaphthoquinone Drug Info [529103]
5-methyl-cyclosal-d4TMP Drug Info [528706]
6-chlorotacrine hydrochloride Drug Info [530301]
6-hydroxy-1,2,9-trimethyl-9H-beta-carbolin-2-ium Drug Info [528415]
6-hydroxy-1,2-dimethyl-9H-beta-carbolin-2-ium Drug Info [528415]
6-hydroxy-2-methyl-9H-beta-carbolin-2-ium Drug Info [528415]
6-methoxy-1,2-dimethyl-9H-beta-carbolin-2-ium Drug Info [528415]
6-methoxy-1,9-dimethyl-9H-pyrido[3,4-b]indole Drug Info [528415]
6-methoxy-2-methyl-9H-beta-carbolin-2-ium Drug Info [528415]
7-Oxo-7H-dibenzo[de,g]quinoline Drug Info [529985]
9-Ethyl-2-methyl-beta-carboline-2-ium iodide Drug Info [530824]
9-N-Phenylmethylamino-Tacrine Drug Info [551393]
9-O-[2-(Phenylol-1-yloxy)ethyl]berberine bromide Drug Info [530625]
9-O-[2-(Phenylol-1-yloxy)hexyl]berberine bromide Drug Info [530625]
9-O-[3-(2-Pyridinoxyl)butyl]-berberine bromide Drug Info [530920]
9-O-[3-(4-Bromo-phenoxyl)butyl]-berberine bromide Drug Info [530920]
9-O-[3-(4-Nitro-phenoxyl)butyl]-berberine bromide Drug Info [530920]
9-O-[3-(Phenylamino)propyl]-berberine bromide Drug Info [530920]
9-O-[3-(Phenylol-1-yloxy)propyl]berberine bromide Drug Info [530625]
9-O-[4-(Phenylol-1-yloxy)butyl]berberine bromide Drug Info [530625]
9-O-[5-(Phenylol-1-yloxy)pentyl]berberine bromide Drug Info [530625]
9-[5-(beta-Carboline-9-yl)pentyl]-beta-carboline Drug Info [530824]
9-[9-(beta-Carboline-9-yl)nonyl]-beta-carboline Drug Info [530824]
Alpha-D-Mannose Drug Info [551393]
Anthracen-10-yl(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)methanone Drug Info [528978]
AS-1397 Drug Info [528564]
BChE inhibitors Drug Info [543635]
BENZOQUINONE Drug Info [527510]
Beta-D-Mannose Drug Info [551393]
Bis-7-tacrine Drug Info [530923]
Bis-cyclosal-d4TMP Drug Info [528706]
Butanoic Acid Drug Info [551393]
Butyl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
Butyrylthiocholine Drug Info [551391]
CAPROCTAMINE Drug Info [529775]
CHF-2819 Drug Info [527437]
CHLORANIL Drug Info [527510]
Cyclopentyl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
Cyclosal-d4TMP Drug Info [528706]
Cymserine Drug Info [535406]
Diethylphosphono Group Drug Info [551393]
Ethyl Dihydrogen Phosphate Drug Info [551393]
Fucose Drug Info [551393]
HALOXYSTEROL A Drug Info [527846]
HALOXYSTEROL B Drug Info [527846]
Haloxysterol C Drug Info [527846]
Haloxysterol D Drug Info [527846]
Hexafluronium bromide Drug Info [537808]
Huprine X Drug Info [528216]
Huprine-Tacrine Heterodimer Drug Info [527471]
Iso-OMPA Drug Info [529716]
Isopropyl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
Isosorbide-2-(benzylcarbamate)-5-benzoate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-(benzylcarbamate)-5-mononitrate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-(butylcarbamate)-5-benzoate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-(butylcarbamate)-5-mononitrate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-(cyclohexylcarbamate)-5-mononitrate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-(ethylcarbamate)-5-mononitrate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-(methylcarbamate)-5-benzoate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-(methylcarbamate)-5-mononitrate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-(propylcarbamate)-5-mononitrate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-benzyl carbamate Drug Info [530632]
Isosorbide-2-benzylcarbamate-5-(o-toluate) Drug Info [530632]
Isosorbide-2-benzylcarbamate-5-acetate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-benzylcarbamate-5-cyclopentanoate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-benzylcarbamate-5-cyclopropanoate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-benzylcarbamate-5-isonicotinate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-benzylcarbamate-5-nicotinate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-benzylcarbamate-5-pentanoate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-benzylcarbamate-5-propionate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-2-benzylcarbamate-5-triflate Drug Info [529716]
Isosorbide-di-(benzylcarbamate) Drug Info [530646]
Isosorbide-di-(butylcarbamate) Drug Info [530646]
Isosorbide-di-(ethylcarbamate) Drug Info [530646]
Isosorbide-di-(propylcarbamate) Drug Info [530646]
LAWSARITOL Drug Info [527846]
LIPOCRINE Drug Info [530437]
M-tolyl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
MEMOQUIN Drug Info [530437]
MEPTAZINOL Drug Info [529368]
Methyl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
Methyl Phosphinic Acid Drug Info [551393]
MF-8623 Drug Info [535406]
Monoisopropyl Ester Phosphonic Acid Group Drug Info [551393]
Morpholino(1'H-phenothiazin-1'-yl)methanone Drug Info [530749]
N,N'-(1',10'-decylene)-bis-(-)-nor-MEP Drug Info [529368]
N,N'-(1',11'-undecydene)-bis-(-)-nor-MEP Drug Info [529368]
N,N'-(1',12'-dodecydene)-bis-(-)-nor-MEP Drug Info [529368]
N,N'-(1',2'-ethylene)-bis-(-)-nor-MEP Drug Info [529368]
N,N'-(1',3'-propylene)-bis-(-)-nor-MEP Drug Info [529368]
N,N'-(1',4'-butylene)-bis-(-)-nor-MEP Drug Info [529368]
N,N'-(1',5'-pentylene)-bis-(-)-nor-MEP Drug Info [529368]
N,N'-(1',6-hexylene)-bis-(-)-nor-MEP Drug Info [529368]
N,N'-(1',7'-heptylene)-bis-(-)-nor-MEP Drug Info [529368]
N,N'-(1',8'-octylene)-bis-(-)-nor-MEP Drug Info [529368]
N,N'-(1',9'-nonylene)-bis-(-)-nor-MEP Drug Info [529368]
N,N-Diethyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N,N-Diisopropyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N,N-Dimethyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N,N-Dipropyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N-(Adamant-1-yl)-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N-Benzyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N-benzyl-2-thiomorpholinopyrimidin-4-amine Drug Info [530923]
N-Cyclobutyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N-Cyclohexyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N-Cyclopentyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N-Isopropyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N-Methyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N-n-heptyl-7-methoxytacrine hydrochloride Drug Info [531150]
N-n-hexyl-7-methoxytacrine hydrochloride Drug Info [531150]
N-n-nonyl-7-methoxytacrine hydrochloride Drug Info [531150]
N-n-octyl-7-methoxytacrine hydrochloride Drug Info [531150]
N-n-pentyl-7-methoxytacrine hydrochloride Drug Info [531150]
N-Neopentyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N-o-Tolyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N-p-Tolyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N-phenethyl-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)pyrimidin-4-amine Drug Info [530923]
N-Phenyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
N-tert-Butyl-1'H-phenothiazine-1'-carboxamide Drug Info [530749]
Naphthalen-1-yl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
Naphthalen-1-yl(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)methanone Drug Info [528978]
Naphthalen-2-yl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
Naphthalen-2-yl(10H-phenothiazin-10-yl)methanone Drug Info [528978]
NOSTOCARBOLINE Drug Info [527942]
NP-0336 Drug Info [543635]
NSC-23180 Drug Info [529103]
O-tolyl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
P-tolyl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
Phenanthrene-9,10-dione Drug Info [529103]
Phenyl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
Tert-butyl 10H-phenothiazine-10-carboxylate Drug Info [529548]
TOLSERINE Drug Info [528106]
VAGANINE D Drug Info [526090]
XANTHOSTIGMINE Drug Info [534716]
Modulator JES-9501 Drug Info [525989]
Non-PEGylated butyrylcholinesterase Drug Info [543635]
Plasma derived human butyrylcholinesterase Drug Info [533276]
Protexia Drug Info [527984]
Recombinant human butyrylcholinesterase Drug Info [543635]
PANTHER Pathway Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor 1 and 3 signaling pathway
Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor 2 and 4 signaling pathway
Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor signaling pathway
WikiPathways Irinotecan Pathway
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